This site is dedicated to the advancement and recognition of the Ticked Tabby and Spotted Tabby patterns by the CFA Maine Coon Breed Council. The contributors are a group comprised of Maine Coon breeders worldwide who are invested in this goal. 

In October, 2014 at the CFA Board Of Directors meeting, the Maine Coon Breed Council ballot from 2013 was brought back to the table after sitting in limbo for 8 months.  The ballot items that passed the BC vote were ratified by the BOD, enabling Ticked and Spotted Tabby Maine Coon Cats to be registered in CFA effective November 1, 2014 and the Ticked Tabby Maine Coons will be eligible for AOV status as of the new show calendar year on May 1, 2015. 
Furthermore, cats that are currently registered in the CATS Database of CFA (ancestral tracking) can transfer to the regular CFA registration for just the difference in cost.

PLEASE all owners of Ticked Tabby Maine Coon Cats, we'd love to see the registrations explode now that we have recognition!  As of November 1, 2014 Registration for both Ticked Tabby and Spotted Tabby Maine Coon Cats will be accepted in CFA, so please get your paperwork ready and submitted.  If you had previously registered your cats as a generic "tabby" (as CO was instructing people to do for many years), please take this opportunity to rectify that registration description. Help us get our pedigrees cleaned up and let's show CFA that we are proud of our Ticked and Spotted Cats!

Genetics 101
What is the difference between a Ticked Tabby and "ticking" in a Classic or Mackerel Pattern?
How does the gene for Ticked Tabby affect other patterns?
Photos of
Ticked Tabby Maine Coons
Photos of Spotted Tabby Maine Coons

We are thrilled that CFA has taken the first steps to rectify the error made 17 years ago when the Ticked pattern was determined to be the result of hybridization and deemed a disqualification in our breed for CFA.  We now have a much greater understanding of genetics and many of us are invested in recognizing and advancing the natural patterns of Ticked and Spotted Tabbies in our natural breed, the Maine Coon Cat.

The ticked pattern as it appears in the Maine Coon Cat
is different from the Abyssinian ticked pattern! 
As we begin to show these cats in CFA, we need to help educate our judges and fellow exhibitors...
Description of Unpatterned Agouti in the Maine Coon Cat

Are you one who
wants to work with Ticked or Spotted?
Then Click Here...


Our 10 point argument to allow registration with expanded notes:

1. Accurate pedigrees!
2. Allowable outcrosses from other associations and countries...genetic diversity
3. Recognition of naturally occurring patterns for a naturally occurring makes sense
4. Increased registration numbers and revenue

5. Increased show entries and revenue
6. It will not change or affect the Classic or Mackerel Tabby patterns
7. Interest in working with these patterns is growing rapidly worldwide
8. Allow registration of these patterns for CFA Maine Coon breeders wanting to breed them

9. Allow these patterns for CFA Maine Coon exhibitors wanting to show them
10. To align the CFA Maine Coon breed with other registries worldwide

Some Maine Coon Cats were registered as Ticked Tabbies in CFA during the 90's - one breeder's story

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